41b Smith Street, Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 4JA, England

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Tinplate Toy Collection

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Gunthermann Bluebird with box
Bowman Live Steam Engine
Mersey Model Company Live Steam Engine
Mettoy Clown Motorcyclist
Marklin Field Gun
Marklin Trench Mortar
Bing Floor Train
Lehmann Matsuyama
Lehmann Zig Zag
Lehmann Tap - Tap
Lehmann Zikra, boxed
Gilbert Gilmotor US Mail Truck
Gilbert Gilmotor Truck
Gilbert Gilmotor Ambulance
Gilbert Gilmotor Stutz Bear Cat
Bing Table Top Railway LNWR Set 1
Pre War German Armoured Car
Hausser German Lorry
Hausser 88mm Gun
Triang Steam Lorry
Wells Shell BP Tanker
Wells Shell BP Lorry
Burnett ARP Ambulance
Wells Ambulance 1929
Wells Carter Paterson Lorry 1929
Wells Express Transport Van (Small)
Wells Express Transport Van (Large)
Mettoy Articulated Lorry (Small)
Wells Royal Mail Van
Wells Ambulance
Bing Saloon (Small)
Bing Saloon
Tipp & Co German Ambulance
Hausser Searchlight Lorry
Tipp & Co Anti-Aircraft Lorry
Tipp & Co Searchlight Lorry
Tipp & Co Staff Car with PAK Gun
Sutcliffe Bluebird Boat With Shop Display
Bing Vertical Steam Engine
Wilson Brass Vertical Steam Engine 1948
Radio Jibby Clockwork Car (Boxed)
Chad Valley Delivery Van (Boxed)
Sutcliffe Sea Wolf Atomic Submarine with SHOP DISPLAY, MIMB
Lehmann The Balky Mule, boxed
Triang 300 Series Transport Van
Triang 300 Series Horse Transporter
Triang 6013 Diesel Express Delivery Service Lorry
Schuco 5300 Ingenico set - Martin Hills
Mettoy Roof Park Filling Station
Mettoy Emergency Ward 10 Hospital
Tipp & Co Sdkfz 7 Half Track
Tipp & Co Ambulance
Tipp & Co Covered Lorry
Tipp & Co Saloon from TV show - James Lewis
Burnett Sedan with lights
Bing twin screw liner, Third Series
Burnett Ubilda Royal Scot loco
Bing Model T Ford
German c1910 Nifty Tipper Truck
Karl Bubb Limousine, 1912

41b Smith Street, Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 4JA, England
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