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Gerry Anderson Archive

Bell Four Feather Falls Game, boxed
Tower Press Four Feather Falls Jigsaw, boxed
Plaston Supercar MIB (001)
Fairylite Supercar, MIB
Cecil Coleman Supercar, MOC
Mike Mercury SUPERCAR Pilot suit - MIMB
Budgie Supercar - MIB
Remco Supercar, (003)
Plaston Supercar with Mike Mercury, MIB
Merit Supercar Intercom Set, MIB
Barrow, Hepburn & Gale Supercar belt, MOC
Tillman's Sun Eze 1962 Supercar Pictures, MIB
MB Supercar to the Rescue game
Supercar Mike Mercury Membership kit
Thermos Supercar Thermos and Lunch Box, mint
Sculptorcraft Supercar No 1, MOC
Supercar Sculptorcraft No 2, MOC
Supercar Sculptorcraft No 3, MOC
Marx Fireball XL5 Bagatelle, MIB,
Chad Valley Supercar/Fireball XL5 Give a Show Projector - MIB
1962 Golden Gate Fireball XL5 Jetmobile, MIB
Merit Steve Zodiac Fireball XL5 Rocket Gun MIB!
Fairylite Fireball XL5, MIB
Fairylite XL5 water pistol, MIB
Steve Zodiac Fireball XL5 wallet, Mint
Fireball XL5 Zoony Sqeeze toy, MIB
Tower Press Fireball Xl5 Jigsaw, boxed
Kitmaster Fireball XL5 kit
MPC Fireball XL5 Galaxy Patrol
MPC Fireball XL5 Space City Playset, ExIB
Merit Fireball XL5 Steve Zodiac Rocket Gun, MIMB
Kitmaster Fireball XL5 Zoom Badge
MB Fireball XL5 Tray Puzzle
MPC Fireball XL5, MIB
Cecil Coleman Fireball XL5 Steve Zodiac puppet, MIB
Cecil Coleman Fireball XL5 Venus puppet, MIB
MB Fireball XL5 game EXIB
Pelham Puppets Fireball XL5 Venus puppet, MIMB
Pelham Puppets Fireball XL5 Matt Matic, ExIB
Pelham Puppets Fireball XL5 Steve Zodiac NMIB
Como Fireball XL5 Sweet Cigarette packet, Ex
Quercetti Fireball XL5 MIB
Supercar - Fireball XL5 badge wallet
Thermos Fireball XL5 Thermos, Nmint
Linda Fireball XL5 Venus Snowstorm, MIB
Marx Fireball XL5 Bagatelle, NMIB
Fireball XL5 rifle
Linda Fireball XL5 snowstorm
Magnetic Fireball XL5 Dart Game, NMIB
Magic Wand Fireball XL5 Paper Dolls, EXIB
Magic Wand Fireball XL5 Activity Set, EXIB
Cecil Coleman Fireball XL 5 Steve Zodiac puppet - boxed
Cecil Coleman Fireball XL 5 Venus puppet - boxed
Century 21 Fireball XL5 Journey to the Moon record
Quercetti Fireball XL5 Spaceship, first box
Quercetti Fireball XL5 Spaceship, second box
Fairylite Stingray, MIB,
Troy Tempest puppet by Toby Chamberlain
Lone Star rubber band Stingray, MIMB
Lone Star Stingray with clockwork motor, MIB
Stingray Golden Wonder Crisps Inflatable craft. 1964
Stingray Swim Fins - Mint in Bag
Lincoln Stingray, MIB
Lakeside Stingray Troy Tempest hand puppet, MIB,
Lakeside Stingray Terror Fish, MIB
Lakeside Stingray X2-Zero, MIB
TV21 Stingray Summer Special Sticker - RARE!
JR 21 Stingray water pistol, NM
Whitman Stingray Frame Puzzle, Mint
Chad Valley Stingray Give a Show, boxed
Cadet Stingray sweet cigarette cards set, MINT
Plaston 1964 Stingray test shot
Ponda Stingray wooden jigsaw puzzle, NMIB
Ponda Stingray jigsaw puzzle, ExIB
Ponda (Waddington) Stingray jigsaw, boxed
Barratt Gerry Anderson Sweet Cigarette Packets
Smiths Crisps Thunderbirds Mail Away Set
Lyons Maid tin sign, Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet
Molto JR21 Thunderbirds Rescue set - MIB
Smiths Crisps Thunderbirds full set
Dinky 101 Thunderbirds Thunderbird 2
JR21 Zero X - Thunderbirds are Go! boxed!
Dinky Thunderbird Lady Penelope's FAB 1, MIMB
Fairylite Thunderbirds Tin-Tin, NMIB
Fairylite Thunderbirds Viewer - MIB
Dinky 100 Lady Penelope's FAB 1 (104)
Dinky 106 Thunderbird 2 & 4
Lone Star Thunderbirds Rocket Gun, MOC
Fairylite Thunderbirds Alan figure MINT!
JR 21 Lady Penelope Jewellery Set, MOC
JR21 Lady Penelope Dressing Table set, MIB
Dinky Lady Penelope Car, MIMB
Sunshine Vinyl Lady Penelope, MIMB
Lone Star/Pilen Thunderbirds Gun, MOC
Dinky Thunderbirds FAB 1, MIB
Molto JR21 Thunderbird 1 MIB
Molto JR21 Thunderbird 2 - MIB
Fairylite Lady Penelope, MIB
Fairylite Thunderbirds Tin-Tin, MIB
Fairylite Thunderbirds Lady Penelope Fashion Outfit No 3, MIB
Fairylite Thunderbirds Lady Penelope Fashion Outfit No 4, MIB
Fairylite Thunderbirds Tin Tin doll, MIB
Fairylite Thunderbirds Virgil, MIMB
Fairylite Jeff Tracy Doll, MIB
Smiths Crisps Thunderbirds Free Gifts/premiums, 1966
Rosenthal JR21 TB 1 friction MIB
JR 21 Rosenthal Thunderbirds Thunderbird 1, MIB
JR 21 Rosenthal Thunderbird 2, MIB
JR 21 Rosenthal Thunderbird 2, with Land Rover
JR 21 Rosenthal Thunderbird 2, Somportex, EXIB
JR 21 Rosenthal Thunderbird 3, VNMIB
JR21 Rosenthal Thunderbird 3, MIB
JR21 Rosenthal Thunderbird 4, NMIB
JR21 Rosenthal Thunderbird 5, MIB
JR21 Rosenthal Thunderbirds FAB 1, MIB
JR21 Thunderbird One R/C MIB
Lincoln Thunderbird 1 kit, MIB
Lincoln Thunderbird 2 Kit, MIB
Lincoln Thunderbird 3 kit
Lincoln Thunderbird 4 kit, MIB
Lincoln Thunderbirds FAB 1 kit, MIB
Merit Thunderbirds Intercom Set (0119)
Lady Penelope Comic Free Gift - unused
Lady Penelope comic free gift - Agent IQ test
Craft Master Thunderbirds painting set, MIMB
Thunderbirds jigsaw, MISB
Harbutt's Plasticine Thunderbirds Model kit, MIMB
Peter Pan Thunderbirds ball maze, 1966
Merit Thunderbirds Intercom Set
Pressflags 1966 Thunderbirds TB1 Sharpeners
Century 21 Thunderbirds records
Century 21 Lady Penelope records
JR21 Thunderbirds 3D Painting Set, MIMB
Kelloggs Thunderbirds full set
Kelloggs Thunderbirds premiums - mint
Berwick Thunderbirds Hat, MIB 1966
Cecil Coleman Thunderbirds Lady Penelope puppet
Cecil Coleman Scott Tracy Thunderbird puppet, boxed
Rosenthal Thunderbirds 3D Painting set No 3, TB 4
Rosenthal Thunderbirds 3D painting set No 2, TB 1
Western Thunderbirds Magic Slate, Mint
TV 21 Thunderbirds IQ Test
TV21 Thunderbirds Badge and holder
TV21 Thunderbirds Cap - TV21 giveaway
Rosenthal JR21 Thunderbirds Lady Penelope Tea Set
Waddingtons Letraset Thunderbird Stories, Mint
Somportex Thunderbirds full set
Triang Captain Scarlet Pursuit 21st Century Driving, MIB
Pedigree Captain Scarlet doll, MIB
Bandai Captain Scarlet Helijet
Pedigree Captain Scarlet Destiny Angel, MIMB
Dekker Captain Scarlet Playsuit, NMIB
Century 21 Toys Captain Scarlet Dart Gun, MOC
Rosenthal Captain Scarlet SPV, MIMB
JR21 Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor, MIB
Bandai Captain Scarlet SPV, MOC
Bandai Captain Scarlet Helijet, MOC
Rosenthal JR21 Captain Scarlet SPC - MIMB
Waddingtons Captain Scarlet Game, MIB
Dinky Captain Scarlet MSV
Lone Star Captain Scarlet gun, MIB
Lone Star Captain Scarlet Badge on card
Dinky Captain Scarlet SPC, Plinth
Dinky Captain Scarlet SPC, MIMB
Dinky Captain Scarlet gold SPC, MIB
Dinky Captain Scarlet SPC, yellow interior
Dinky Captain Scarlet SPC, MIMB, white interior
Dinky 103 Captain Scarlet SPC, gold (155)
JR 21 Captain Scarlet SPV, MIB
Dinky 104 Captain Scarlet SPV (156)
Captain Scarlet Angels necklace, MIB
Pedigree Captain Scarlet Destiny Angel MIMB
Corgi Captain Scarlet Resin Cheetah & Pre Prod Interceptor
Airfix Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor, NMIB
Scalecraft Captain Scarlet 3-D SPV Painting Set, MIMB
TV21 Captain Scarlet SHADES membership card
Century 21 Captain Scarlet Mysteron Voice, MIB
Lone Star Captain Scarlet badge, MOC
Century 21 Captain Scarlet Sticker Fun Book, Mint
Century 21 Captain Scarlet record
TV21 Captain Scarlet File - Free Gift
Berwick Captain Scarlet Stencil Set
Barratt Captain Scarlet Spectrum Handbook
Barratt Captain Scarlet Special Pocket Album
Anglo Captain Scarlet poster, 1967, VG/Ex
Airfix Angel Interceptor kit, MIB
Century 21 Rhapsody doll dressing up book, mint
Letts TV21 Diary, Mint unused
Century 21 Angels Sticker Fun Book, Mint unused
Century 21 Harmony doll dressing up book, mint
JR 21 Rosenthal Joe 90 Car, friction, MIB
Pedigree Joe 90 doll, MIB
Elf Toys Thunderbirds Roundhouse with TB 3
Dinky 100 Thunderbirds FAB 1 MIMB
Century 21 Joe 90 Crackshot! MOC
Molto Thunderbird 1, MIMB
JR 21 Rosenthal Joe 90 Car, MIB
Dinky Joe 90 Sam's Car - MIMB
Waddington Joe 90 Jigsaw, MIMB, house
Waddington Joe 90 jigsaw, MIMB, lab
Waddingtons Joe 90 Jigsaw, MIMB, room
Dinky Joe 90 Car, MIMB
Kelloggs Joe 90 Car
JR21 Joe 90 Sam Loover's Saloon, MIB
Dinky 108 Sam's Car, (203)
Molto Thunderbird 3, MIMB
Dinky Joe 90 Sam's Car - MIB
Joe 90 badge, MOC
Cecil Coleman Thunderbirds Lady Penelope puppet - boxed
JR 21/Somportex Thunderbirds Thunderbird 1 sweet filled, MIB
Quaker Oats/Sutherlands Spread Joe 90 Dossier
Century 21 1968 Joe 90 Puzzle Book, NM
Dinky Secret Service Model T Ford MIB
Dinky 352 UFO Ed Straker's Car, MIB
Palitoy Space 1999 Paul Morrow MOMC
Palitoy Mego Space 1999 Zantor, MOMC
Dinky 360 Eagle Freighter (241)
Palitoy Space 1999 Mysterious Alien MOMC
Palitoy Bradgate Space 1999 Mysterious Alien, MOC
Mattel Space 1999 Dr Russell figure, MOC
AHI Space 1999 moon buggy - carded
Mattel Space 1999 Eagle, boxed
Dinky 360 Eagle Freighter, MIB
Dinky Space 1999 Eagle Transporter, MIMB
Dinky Space 1999 Eagle Freighter MIB
Dinky Space 1999 Eagle Freighter, MIB
Fun Dimensions Space 1999 Eagle kit
Fun Dimensions Space 1999 Alien Kit, MIB
AHI Space 1999 utility knife
Collegeville Space 1999 Comd Koenig costume, boxed
Donruss Space 1999 Bubble Gum cards, MIB
Illco 1976 Space 1999 Chest Pack Radio, EXIB
Dinky 353 Shado 2 Mobile (270)
Dinky 353 blue Shado 2 MIB
Dinky 352 Ed Straker's Car (273)
Dinky 351 UFO Interceptor with insert
Dinky 353 Shado 2 Mobile, MIMB
Bandai UFO Interceptor, MIB
Dinky 108 Joe 90 Sam's Car, MIB
Captain Scarlet Playsuit - MIB
Triang Captain Scarlet 21st Century Pursuit Driving - MIB
Lone Star Captain Scarlet Gun,, MIB
Triang Captain Scarlet Spectrum Car Patrol, MOC
Bandai Terrahawks Battlehawk, MIMB
Lincoln International Dr Who Anti Dalek Disintergrator Gun
Dinky 352 UFO Ed Straker's Car

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