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Gerry Anderson


Pelham Puppets Supercar Professor Popkiss puppet, MIB
Pelham Puppets Supercar Mike Mercury puppet, NMIB
Pelham Puppets Supercar Prof Popkiss, MIB
MPC Fireball XL5 Space City Playset, MIMB (0030)
MPC Fireball XL5 Space City Playset, MIMB (0030) interior
MPC Fireball XL5 Space City Playset, NMIB
Pelham Puppets Fireball XL5 Venus, NMIB
Quercetti Fireball XL5 MIB
Linda Fireball XL5 Venus Snowstorm, MIB
Linda Fireball XL5 snowstorm
Lincoln R/C Stingray, NMIB
Stingray Golden Wonder Crisps Inflatable craft. 1964
Barratt Gerry Anderson Sweet Cigarette Packets
Plastoid Thunderbirds Badge, MOC
Elf Toys Thunderbirds Tracy Island
Elf Toys Thunderbirds Roundhouse with TB 3
Lone Star Thunderbirds Rocket Firing Space Gun MOC
Molto Thunderbird 1, MIMB
Molto Thunderbird 2, MIMB
JR21 Thunderbirds Zero X, MIB
Molto Thunderbirds Triple Set, MIB
JR21 Thunderbirds Thunderbird 2 - MIB
Molto Thunderbird 3, MIMB
JR 21 Thunderbirds Thunderbird 3, MIB
Cecil Coleman Thunderbirds Lady Penelope puppet - boxed
JR 21/Somportex Thunderbirds Thunderbird 1 sweet filled, MIB
JR21 Thunderbirds Thunderbird 1 with insert and box
JR21 Rosenthal Thunderbirds Remote Control FAB 1, MIB
JR 21 Thunderbirds Thunderbird 5, MIB
Rosenthal JR21 FAB 1, friction, shop stock
JR21 Rosenthal Remote Control Thunderbird 1, NMIB
Captain Scarlet Playsuit - MIB
Lone Star Captain Scarlet Gun,, MIB
Timpo Captain Scarlet figures
JR21 Captain Scarlet SPC, MIB
Pedigree Captain Scarlet doll, boxed
Bandai Terahawks Terrahawk, MIMB
Bandai Terrahawks Treehawk, Spacehawk, Hawkwing MIMB
Bandai Terrahawks Treehawk, MIMB
Bandai Terrahawks Battlehawk, MIB
Bandai Terrahawks Action Zeroid - MIMB

41b Smith Street, Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 4JA, England
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