41b Smith Street, Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 4JA, England

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Click image for larger image - call shop for details - All are MIB to NMIB.

Dinky Cabinet
Dinky Racing Cars
Dinky Shelf
Dinky pre war Kings Aeroplane
Dinky 31c Trojan Vans Chivers, trade pack
Dinky Battle of Britain card shop display
Dinky 131 Cadillac Tourer
Dinky 132 Packard Convertible
Dinky 135 Triumph 2000
Dinky 136 Vauxhall Viva (136)
Dinky 138 Hillman Imp Export box Gold
Dinky 138 Hillman Imp Export box (2)
Dinky 142 Jaguar Mk 10 sealed trade pack of 6
Dinky 149 Citroen Dyane
Dinky 166 Sunbeam Rapier Saloon
Dinky 168 Ford Escort - red
Dinky 173 Nash Rambler
Dinky 176 Austin A105 Saloon
Dinky 181 Volkswagon light blue
Dinky 181 Volkswagen
Dinky 218 Lotus Europa
Dinky 236 Connaught Racer
Dinky 253 Daimler Ambulance with windows
Dinky 254 Police Range Rover
Dinky 260 Royal Mail Van
Dinky 283 BOAC Coach
Dinky 289 Routemaster Bus
Dinky 319 Weeks Trailer
Dinky 400 BEV truck
Dinky 410 Bedford End Tipper
Dinky 412 Austin Wagon
Dinky 417 Austin Van Nestles
Dinky 421 Bedford Articulated Lorry
Dinky 422 Fordson Thames Flat Truck
Dinky Commer Covertable Articulated Truck
Dinky 435 Bedford TK Tipper
Dinky 449 Chevrolet El Camino Pick up truck
Dinky 481 Bedford "Ovaltine"
French Dinky 500 Citroen 2CV
Dinky 502 Foden Flat Truck - green
Dinky 504 Foden Tanker, MIB
Dinky Guy Flat Truck light blue MIB
French Dinky 518 Renault 4L
French Dinky 531 Fiat 1200
Dinky 533 Leyland Cement Wagon
French Dinky 534 BMW 1500
French Dinky 538 Ford Taunus 12M
French Dinky 542 Chrysler Simca 1308/GT
Dinky 555 Fire Engine - tan ladders
Dinky 603 Army Personnel - Private (seated) NMIB
Dinky 603 Army Personnel - Plastic
Dinky 603 Army Personnel - metal
Dinky 10 Ton Army Truck
Dinky 667 Missile Servicing Platform Vehicle
Dinky 674 Austin Champ (plastic hubs)
Dinky 692 5.5 Medium gun
Dinky 716 Westland Helicopter
Dinky 765 Miniature Posters MIB
French Dinky 809 GMC Truck
French Dinky 822 Half Track M3
French Dinky 828 Jeep Porte-Fusees SS10
French Dinky 889 U Autobus Urban
Dinky 903 Foden Flat Truck
Dinky 917 Mercedes Benz Truck and Trailer
Dinky 931 Leyland Comet Lorry
Dinky 932 Comet Wagon with tailboard
Dinky 969 BBC TV Extending Mast Vehicle
Dinky 982 Pullmore Car Transporter

41b Smith Street, Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 4JA, England
Fax/Phone +44 (0)1926 400311
e-mail chris@metropolistoys.co.uk

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