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Dr Who & The Daleks Library Images

Some of the Dr who items I have been fortunate enough to own...

Codeg clockwork Dalek, MIB (1000)
Lincoln International Dr Who Anti Dalek Jet Immobiliser, MOC
Lone Star Dalek Rocket Gun, MOC
Codeg blue clockwork Dalek, NMIB (1001)
Marx friction Dalek, MIMB (1004)
Dr Who and the Daleks original poster
Codeg Dalek Money Box, MIMB (1003)
Marx Dalek Shooting Game, MIMB
Marx Dalek Construction Kit, MIMB,,
Marx 1965 Bump and Go MINT in MINT box
Dr Who Dalek Pencil Sharpener & Pencil
ABC Dalek Invasion Earth quad poster
Airfix Dr Who New Artist Set, MIB
Plaston Tardis Money Box, MIB
Grace Dr Who & the Daleks bagatelle, NMIB
Dr Who Sticker Fun book
Dr Who Patrick Troughton Annual
Hartnell wooden Dr Who Dalek Jigsaw
Plastoid Dalek badge
Selcol 1965 Dr Who Nursery Dalek, MIB (1021)
Denys Fisher Cyberman NMIB
Denys Fisher Dr Who Tardis MIB
Denys Fisher Dr Who Leela, MIMBox
Selcol Nursery Dalek with header card (1020)
Product Enterprise R/C Memorabilia Dalek, MIB
Daily Express Dalek Kit with Envelope
Palitoy Dr Who Talking K9, MIMB (1030)
Palitoy Bradgate Talking Dalek, MIMB
Herts Mouldings Dalek
Herts Plastic Moulders Dalek, Black
Typhoo Tea The Amazing World of Dr Who
Walls Ice Cream Dr Who Space Adventure Book
Cadet Doctor Who & the Daleks cigarette card set, MINT
Marx 5" Friction Dalek, black, MIMB (1050)
Marx large friction Dalek, EXIB (1052)
Codeg Dr Who Dalek Money box - MIB
Randall & Wood Dalek Skittle, Mint (1004)
Optima Dalek school bag, 1965
Marx 1964 Robot Action Dalek, Silver, MIB (1055)
Marx Robot Action Dalek, NMIB (1054)
Marx Dr Who black Dalek, MIB (1056)
Marx Set of three unused Rolykin Daleks
Marx 1974 Dalek, yellow, MIMB, (1059)
Dr Who Cherilea Mechanoid, Blue, Mint
Dr Who Cherilea Mechanoid, Silver, Mint
Cherilea Dr Who Dalek
Cherilea Dalek
Bell Toys Dalek Astro Ray gun
Bell Toys Dr Who & The Daleks Cuttamastic
Chad Valley Dr Who and the Daleks Give a Show, EXIB
Bell Dalek Erazaboard Set, NMOC
Dapol 1996 Action Figiure playset, rare dalek, MIB
Denys Fisher Dr Who Dalek, MIBox (1111)
Denys Fisher Dr Who Giant Robot, MIB (1112)
Denys Fisher Dr Who K9, MIBox
Denys Fisher Cyberman, MIB (1116)
Denys Fisher Dr Who Cyberman, MIMB (1117)
Harbert Dr Who Dolls outer case
Lincoln Dalek Neutron Exterminator
Harbert Dr Who Tom Baker doll, MIB
Dalek Writing Pad, 1965, Mint
Denys Fisher Dr Who Tom Baker, MIB
Denys Fisher Tardis, MIB
Second Hartnell 1967 Doctor Who Annual
First Hartnell Doctor Who Annual 1966
Dr Who 1975 Weetabix premiums - Full Set!
Denys Fisher Dr Who game
The Dalek book
Chad Valley Dr Who Show a Slide, MIB
Ty Phoo Amazing World of Dr Who book complete
Goodies trade box of Dr Who chocolate candies, MIB
Goodies Dr Who Candy, NMIB 1980
Dalek 1970s pencil case, Ex

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